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Our purpose at Maple Leaf Meadows is to provide comprehensive and classical equine education for horse and rider. We work to produce the most skilled riders in the nation and to be the country's leading provider of foundational equine education. We have created our own education program, called the Passport to Education in conjunction with industry standards. 

Passport to Excellence

The PtoE follows a planned progression of comprehensive skill sets containing more than 1000 skills, beginning at the basic level and progressing up to the advanced levels of horsemanship. The contents of the skill sets are consistent with the expectations of the horse industry in the disciplines of hunters, jumpers, dressage, and vaulting. 

Objectives of the Passport to Excellence:
1.  Develop horsemanship and safety skills.
2.  Recognize individual rider accomplishments and achievement of goals.
3.  Educate youth, adults, and parents.
4.  Promote cooperation, teamwork, and a sense of community.
5.  Develop life and leadership skills through increasing confidence and self-worth.
6.  Create tomorrow’s top riders and trainers today.
7.  Accomplish goals within a session timeframe.
8.  Be affordable.
9.  Develop riders and horses to meet or exceed industry standards.

The Passport to Excellence is divided into four major categories:

Learn to Ride - covering Level 1 and Level 2
Entry - covering Level 2
Training - covering Level 3 and Level 4
Academy - covering Levels 5-8


MLM offers training in three distinct disciplines, hunters, jumpers, and dressage. Foundational lessons and content is taught to all riders in the Learn to Ride and Entry levels. Once riders have advanced to the Training level, they will be given the option to focus on a specific discipline. A vaulting program will be coming soon!  


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