Winter Weather Policy

Maple Leaf Meadows is committed to providing the best instruction and care for all students, horses, instructors and parents. To accomplish this during the harsh winter months, we have created the following winter weather riding policy to keep all students, horses and instructors healthy.

When temperatures fall to -20 degrees Celsius and lower, with wind chill considered (IE. -15 degrees, “feels like”/with wind chill -23), group lessons at the stables would be cancelled and rescheduled for a warmer day. This is to avoid health issues caused by bringing in horses from the cold, working/getting them sweaty and then putting them back out in the cold. Maple Leaf Meadows will consider the forecast displayed on The Weather Network App and Website at the “Wood bend Alberta” location.           

In this event, the office will notify clients through email, telephone and Facebook with 24 hours notice whenever possible. A group make up lesson will be scheduled through email for a warmer day. This is to safeguard the health of our students and lesson horses.

Private Lessons: Private Lessons will continue as scheduled. Those on outdoor-boarded horses will be required to keep your horse an indoor stall overnight.

Outdoor Boarded Horses: Clients who board their horses outside, and wish to ride when it is -20 degrees Celsius and below, will be required to keep their horse in a stall overnight. To arrange a stall, please contact the office directly at or at 780 486 2099.

Indoor Boarded Horses: Clients who board their horses inside may continue to ride when it is -20 degrees Celsius and below.


Refund Policy

After the commencement of the session Maple Leaf Meadows will not provide any refunds for missed or cancelled lessons. 


Missed Lesson Policy

We require a minimum of one week notice prior to a missed lesson. Upon reciept of notice a makeup lesson will be scheduled for you. When one week notice is not possible (ie. illness, family emergency, road conditions, etc) we will provide one no questions asked make up lesson. Otherwise there will be no makeup lessons for missing your scheduled lesson time. 

If you are going to miss a lesson please call 780-486-2099 to inform your instructor.







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