At Maple Leaf Meadows, International our clients can expect high-quality care and service for both horse and rider.  

We provide a full-service care:

Daily Feeding

Barn Cleaning

Farrier Handling



Please note our herd is on the same health care schedule and each horse will be dewormed and vaccinated at the same time. This is to ensure the entire herd has been cared for properly.

Care Schedule: 

6:30am          Hard Feed

7:00 am         Blanket, Turn Out, Hay Feed

7:00-9:00       Barn Clean and Redbed

10:00             Hay Feed

3:00-4:00       Turn In/ Hard Feed/Hay

8:00-10:00     Night Feed/Hay

We offer boarding of horses both indoors and outdoors. Indoor and outdoor services include full use of all the facilities, tack locker, storage area and trailer parking. All horses are fed diets to suit their individual needs. Owners provide supplements and additives of their choice.

MLM's Herd Health Program is overseen by Dr. Conrad Wigenbusch of Delaney Veterinary Services, who ensures that all horses are maintained on a year round vaccine, de-wormer, dentition and farrier schedule. Our veterinarian and farriers have regular visits scheduled throughout the month. All vet and farrier services are billed directly to the owner.

Farrier services at Maple Leaf Meadows are provided solely by Hoof Works Ltd; Greg Toronchuck, BSC Ag. Any servies rendered by Hoof Works Ltd will be directly billed to the horse owner. 


Indoor Board: $770.00 + GST


3  feedings per day

Tack locker, tack storage, trailer parking.

Extra fees at client request:

Blanketing: $50.00 per month from October- April for extra blankets

Hard Feed: $20.00 per bag, per month (may vary by feed type)

Standard Extra Fees:

De-worming: $30.00 4 x per year

Vaccination handling: $25.00 2 x per year

Farrier Handling: $15.00 8 x per year

Board Replacement fee: $25.00 quarterly


Outdoor Board: $465.00 per month + GST

Includes:Tack locker, tack storage, trailer parking, 2 x feeding per day.

Extra services at client request:

Blanketing: $50.00 per month from October- April

Hard Feed: $20.00 per bag, per month (may vary by feed type)

Board Replacement fee: $25.00 quarterly

Please note that MLM is an education facility and all boarders are required to be in a minimum of one lesson per week. Each program has a minimum participation requirement. 


A credit card must be on file with the office as per MLM Board Contract.

Billing of all services is completed on the last day of each month.

All accounts are due in full by the 7th day of each month.

All accounts must be paid in full before a horse can be removed from MLM property as in accordance with Livery Stables Act Chapter 214.

Please note that MLM will enforce the Stable Keeper’s Act upon one month of board payment being delinquent unless additional payment arrangements have been made with the Director of MLM.


Heard Health Plan

March April May September November


-East/West Tetanus

-+/- Strangles

- Flu/Rhino



- Flu/Rhino

Deworming: Strongid P   Deworming: Bimectin Deworming: Safeguard Deworming: Quest Plus
Teeth: Dental Check        



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