The goal of training horses at Maple Leaf Meadows, International is to ensure that the horse understands what it is expected of him. We use quality horsemanship and the ability to effectively handle a horse both on the ground and in the saddle.

We are educated in classical horse training principles, main stream horse training, round penning, natural horsemanship and many other techniques that we take advantage of in the training of our dressage and jumping horses.

We provide training services from starting young horses to the FEI Levels in both dressage and jumping. We are active in the competition rings and offer to show your horse for you as well.

MLM has a training system in place and works in cooperation with international trainers and educators in both the dressage and jumping disciplines. MLM has a defined educational program that is both effective and widely accepted.

Due to our active clinic series our horses are prepared and exposed to some of the industry’s most notable professionals.


This includes all training necessary to prepare a young horse to be ridden.

Skills that your horse will learn are as follows:

GROUND TRAINING - leading, bending, lateral stepping, halting, turn on forehand and turn on haunches, rein back, rein contact, clipping, loading, and lunging.

PREPARING FOR THE FIRST RIDES - saddling, bridling and backing; introduces the young horse to the saddle, bridle, rein contact, balance on a line, balance with a rider, and rein aids.

THE FOUNDATION RIDES - The first 30 rides will introduce your horse to the walk, trot and canter, yielding to the aids, balance under a rider, becoming familiar with the arena environment, and learning a work ethic.

The starting of a young horse is the most important part of their training. ARTE has extensive experience in the starting of young horses for both dressage and jumping. Our goal is to teach the horse how to be ridden, guided and to have them understand the aids of riding that the horse will need to know for future higher levels. Our philosophy is that all young horses are “FEI Horses in Training” not “Young Horses at Training Level” and that the foundation they learn will be recalled throughout their lives.


Don’t give up on them until we see them! This area of training is a specialty to us and we are very proud of the horses that we have been able to rehabilitate.

MLM offers re-training services to those horses that are showing socially unacceptable behaviours either at home or at competitions.

In addition to the staff on site we also have a large resource of professionals that we work with to get your horse back on track, understanding what their job is supposed to be. Our techniques are not rough and we guarantee no abusive or regrettable training. Our goal is that your goals are fulfilled no matter what they are. Please inquire about customized training packages that meet your budget and educational goals.


Boarding not included.

Training Rides (per ride):

    - Assistant Trainers per Ride: $65.00

    - Head Trainer per Ride: $85.00

Young Horse Starting - 3-month unlimited advanced training package: $2500.00

Full Training: $950.00/month

We'd love to give you a personal tour of our facilities and talk about your horses' unique needs. Please contact us to arrange a meeting.

Please Call: 780-486-2099


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