Academy Program

Levels 5-8 Horsemanship Skills in the Passport to Excellence and Phase 4 in the LTED Program

This is Levels 5-8 in the ARTE program and Phase 4 in LTED program.


The Learn & Train to Win level is for riders who have successfully displayed the Level 4 Horsemanship Skills as set out in the Passport to Excellence, and are ready to move on to these next 4 levels of horsemanship skills. Program options are available for riders interested in hunter/jumpers, or dressage. 

The Learn & Train to Win level focuses on optimal performance state including mental preparation, increased refined motor skills, strength, flexibility, and focus on a single equestrian discipline. Riders have developed lasting friendships and bonds with fellow riders, trainers and coaches.

Arrival Time: (Plan for two hours at the stables.)  The rider arrives 30 minutes prior to the 1 hour horsemanship session and remains until 30 past the end of the riding lesson. The session is one hour long and includes riding and grooming.

Academy Night - Each term, one night per week, will be designated Academy Night from 5 - 8 pm. and has been reserved for all academy riders as a weekly group get-togther/riding session. You could have a lesson during this time or simply come and observe your fellow riders and/or have a practice ride.  The purpose of this time is so that we can all get together as a group/team once per week.

Attire & Equipment: Riders must have their own riding attire and equipment as set out in the dress code and equipment needs. See Dress code & Equipment Needs.

Horse: Riders must lease or own their own horse for this level.

Please refer to the Purchasing or Leasing a Horse Information Package.

Career Development Opportunities: Riders at this level have the opportunity to train horses and teach in the program.

Both Sessions will include a Show Off Day for riders to showcase the skills they've learned during lessons in a relaxed and supportive environment.

Please read through our Orientation Package  before attending your first lesson. The package contains information on program details and format.  



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