Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I tack up my own horse?

Everyone who starts with us will have an orientation the first day of class to teach them how to catch and tack up their horse. Tacking up includes grooming the horse and outfitting it in the proper equipment such as the bridle and saddle. Lesson Assistants will be present to assist everyone with the preparation process.

2. Do I have to un-tack my horse?

Yes, as part of the education process all riders are expected to cool down, un-tack, groom, clean their tack, clean up after their horse, put their tack and equipment away, and put their horse away after each ride. No one from the class leaves until all of the horses are taken care of and the facility is cleaned. Our goal is that this should take 30 minutes.

3. Can my parents help me? 

We prefer for the trained assistants to help the riders. If a parent has been trained to be a volunteer than parents may help. If you wish to become a Parent Volunteer please contact our office.

4. What equipment do I use on the horse I ride?

Each horse has their own brush box, bridle, pads and boots that are to be used only on the assigned horse. The saddle chosen will be one that fits the rider.

5. May I use my own equipment? 

You may use only your own saddle provided it has been inspected by your instructor and that it fits the horse correctly.

6. How is my horse chosen for me? 

Each horse is chosen based on the level of the rider. Safety is our first concern. Horses may be switched on riders at the discretion of the instructor.

7. Will all of our lessons be riding?

No, as part of the education process MLM has designed necessary non-riding lessons that cover the horse husbandry topics that will be presented to you on Orientation Day.

8. What time do I arrive for my lesson? 

Please arrive 30 minutes prior to the start of your riding lesson. The sooner your horse is prepared and inspected the sooner you can be in the arena.

9. May I leave my child at the barn while they are having their lesson? 

Yes, children are welcome to stay as long as you or they wish to. Please note that any rider remaining at the barn will be expected to “pitch in” in the stables and to help others with their horses. If your child stays for an extended period please make sure you have provided them with a healthy snack. MLM provides vending machines (snacks and beverages/coins only). Coffee, tea and hot chocolate are also available in the kitchen. For parents who wish to run errands while their child is riding – there are grocery stores, drug stores, Starbucks and Tim Horton’s within minutes of the farm.

10. May my child or I (rider) come and spend time at the farm when it is not my lesson day?

Yes, all riders are welcome to come spend time at the farm learning. Please note that if you do drop your child off or you (adult rider) come to spend time with us that you will be expected to “pitch in”. Please make sure you bring a snack for your child if you wish them not to eat from the vending machines.

11. Do riding lesson’s qualify for the Federal Children’s Fitness Tax Credit? 

Yes, riding lessons taken at Maple Leaf Meadows qualify for the annual tax credit for all children 16 and under. Go to to learn more information.

12. What happens if I miss a lesson?

We require a minimum of one week notice prior to a missed lesson. Upon reciept of notice, a make up lesson will be scheduled for you. When one weeks notice is not possible (ie. illness, family emergency, road conditions, etc), we will provide one 'no questions asked' make up lesson. Failure to meet these expectations will result in the lesson being forfeit, with no make up lessons for missing your scheduled lesson time. 

If you are going to miss your lesson, please call the office at 780 486 2099 to inform your instructor. 

13. Can I lease a horse? 

Yes, MLM can provide a more ambitious rider a horse to lease if they wish to progress at a faster rate. If you are interested in leasing a horse please contact your instructor. 

14. Can I make payments towards my lessons or do I need to pay the full amount up front?

We offer the option of payment plans or payment of the full amount up front. The option of your choosing can selected during your registration process. 

15. Can I still sign up for lessons after the session start date?

We are always accepting new registrations into the lesson program! If you are signing up after the start date of the currenly running session please contact us for an adjusted session price to suit your lesson needs.


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