Funmanship Horse Programs



These classes are open to anyone, age 6 to adult (all ages) and are structured for riders to learn the horsemanship and horse husbandry skills portion of the “Passport to Excellence”. These classes are created to learn important horsemanship skills through fun and play at the barn.



Our Saturday Club will be focused on the horse; how to take care of them, anatomy & physiology, how to take care of and run a horse farm, understanding the horses’ body language and so much more! It will involve field trips to places like Spruce Meadows, equine vet clinics across Alberta, Northlands Race Track, and lots more exciting and educational equine business! It’s a great place to connect with the other riders who are just as horse crazy as you!



This is an opportunity to play as you learn the world of horses in a fantastic way! You will get to build your own custom hobby horses, play games, and so much more! This is a weekly class all ages from 6 - 56 and on will absolutely love!


These programs are developed to help you as the rider to gain more knowledge and experience in a fun, interactive and social way. We welcome everyone that is interested in these programs to join! They are not solely intended for kids, but teens and adults alike. 


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