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Maple Leaf Meadows offers horseback riding lessons for riders of all ages and abilities. Whether you are looking for an after school activity to get active or are looking to ride competitvely we can help you reach your goals! 

Lessons are an hour in length and riders are expected at the farm 30 minutes prior to their scheduled time to groom and tack up their horse. This 30 minutes prior to the lesson as well as 15-30 minutes after the lesson is the time that the instructors use to teach horse management skills to the students. The riding instructor and lesson assistants will be on the property to assist riders and help them get ready. Riders are expected to stay 30 minutes after their lessons to untack their horses and put them away. Please allow 2 hours for each lesson.

A list of lesson expectations can be found here. All clients must fill out and bring a copy of their signed waiver to their first lesson at the farm. You can find a PDF version of the waiver here. MLM will not provide any refunds for missed lessons or incomplete sessions. 

Please read through our Orientation Package before attending your first lesson. The package contains information on program details and format. 

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Pee Wee Level 1 & 2 (Part of the FUNmanship Level)

The Pee Wee program is for riders aged 6 to 8 who are interested in learning about the fun and excitement of horses and provides them an opportunity to explore riding while having fun with a group of their peers.

Learning Assistants assist the main instructor and attend each class to assure safety and confidence amongst the younger children.

Learn to Ride Level 1 (FUNmanship)

Regardless of age, this is where all riders, without previous experience, will begin. Classes will be grouped according to age and ability and great care is given to grouping riders appropriately.

The FUNmanship Program is for new comers to riding. This program enables new riders to explore the fun experience of horses while learning with a peer group, it introduces responsibility, rules and safety for handling and riding horses.

Riders will be taught the Passport to Excellence Level 1 set of Horsemanship Skills.

Learn to Ride Level 1 & Level 2

This program follows the Passport to Education Horsemanship skills levels and works individually with Riders fostering their individual goals for riding.

The Learn to Ride program focuses on inspiring increased commitment to equestrian activities, introduces independent decision making, and fundamental mental training, the goals of the lessons are to develop riding motor skills and communicating with horses. The rider learns to be proud of their accomplishments, have fun with peers, make new friends with horses and people, and share who they are with one another.

Pre-Academy Program

The Pre-Academy levels are for riders who have successfully displayed the Level 2 Horsemanship Skills as set out in the Passport to Excellence, and are ready to move on to the next level.

The Pre-Academy program focuses on consolidating and refining basic equestrian skills and stabilizing variants of basic skills and new skills. For those who choose to compete this level introduces the competitive experience, setting competition goals, managing school with riding, creating a team work mindset, and a solid training habit. This level focuses on increased relationships with coaches and horses and begins to introduce the rider to the horse industry.

* Competition Riders- Riders wishing to compete at this level must lease or own their own horse.

* Career Delelopment Opportunities - Riders at this level have the opportunity to become Learning Assistants in the program.

Missed Lesson Policy: We require a minimum of one week notice prior to a missed lesson. Upon reciept of notice a makeup lesson will be scheduled for you. When one week notice is not possible (ie. illness, family emergency, road conditions, etc) we will provide one no questions asked make up lesson. Otherwise there will be no makeup lessons for missing your scheduled lesson time. 

If you are going to miss a lesson please call 780-486-2099 to inform your instructor.

Prices vary from $45.00 - $85.00/lesson depending on program selection.


We are always accepting new registrations in the lesson program! Please contact for adjusted pricing when signing up late. 



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