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New to Riding? No worries - we are here for you!

The moment you walk into our stables you become part of our community. We encourage you to leave your inhibitions at the door and allow our staff to help you settle in, get started and get inspired!

MLM provides riding lessons to all ages and all levels in the riding disciplines of English and Western Dressage, Hunters and Jumpers. Whatever you choose to do, we are here to serve your goals. We do more than teach riding. We

  • Inspire
  • Encourage
  • Understand
  • Correct
  • Love Horses
  • Grow Together


Horseback Riding is the only sport where the success of the athlete relies on the cooperation of an animal. Because of this, we must consider the ethical treatment of these animals. If we want the horse to work for us, we have to work with the horse.  Our program will teach you all about this in a fun and empathetic way!

Our motto is straight from the horse's mouth in that - whatever we are doing, we ask ourselves "What would the horse say?".  As you enjoy your time with us, we ask you to remember horses are living, breathing animals with the capacity to understand a great deal more than we think. In our goal to maintain fair and ethical treatment of animals, our program mandate includes that riders embrace learning about horses in addition to riding horses.

This is why our program packages include these opportunities to learn about the horse: 

  • Riding Lessons- Teaches the skills of riding horses while mounted on the horse.
  • Horsemanship- Teaches the skills related to riding and caring for horses by learning with the horse on the ground.
  • Humanship- Teaches the traits of integrity, honesty, fellowship, comraderie and self-awareness with other horse lovers through gatherings, games, shows, clinics, and other events that bring us all together. 



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